Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inspiration: Quentin Jones

Quentin Jones: Naked with Paint on

Thanks to a good friend from school who stumbled upon this video and sent it my way, I am now sharing it to you, my viewers! This stop-motion short by Quentin Jones is quite beautiful.  Not only can I not take my eyes off of her, but the execution of the stop-motion video is very well done. Gave me a lot to think about in terms of how it was executed and how I'd apply something similar to my own work. Very cool and a fun watch.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Cherry Blossomed

Sartorial Notes: Shirt - Upper Playground, Denim - Cheap Monday, Shoes - Doc Martens, Bag - Alexander Wang Rocco, Sunglasses - Ray Ban Foldable Wayfarers

I haven't held onto much of my streetwear apparel I've accrued throughout my college career, but I can't seem to let go of this shirt (or other UP shirts).  I like the colors within the graphic, the cotton is thick, and the color of the shirt has remained fairly rich given how many washes this shirt has been through.  This look is inspired by my own ongoing fascination with asian street style. Combining textures, prints, and graphic elements makes for a more fun, casual look I like to wear every once in awhile when I take a break from my collared shirt and APCs. And as for my bag, you already know how much I love it.

Last weekend I went with two of my friends to check out the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown here in San Francisco.  It was a bit overcasted, but was somewhat nice earlier in the day.  I've never been before so I wanted to check out this annual event that spans accross two weekends including live performances, a parade, food vendors, and interesting characters. Lots of people dressed up in cosplay costumes.  Either way, the food was tasty. Tried a Wafudog which consists of wasabi mayo, cilantro, shreds of seaweed, carrot, and some other veggie.  Wasabi mayo is delicious! We stayed for a bit, had a few glimpses of performances in and around Japantown until it got too windy and cold.

My super stylish friend Jordan with our friend Stella. Look at him with his Versarce shades and tobacco Sperrys. Cool guy.

Inspiration: Eternal Instinct

Photographer: Gianluca Fontana/ Model: Milou van Groesen/ W Korea
(Images: Fashion Gone Rogue)

This spread is pure magic and inspiration to me. I love the gritty environment and the quality of the stark light and harsh shadows. The language going on here is very visually stimulating for me...not to mention how gorgeous the styling is. Fourth image from the top is my favorite, with the print shirt tucked into the turquoise trousers. I always find that if the model can still keep hold of your eye amongst a busy scene...there's some magic going on there.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

mrs. huxtable / dstructure art show

Sartorial Notes: Jacket - Comune, Shirt - thrifted, Denim - Naked & Famous, Shoes - All Saints, Bag - Alexander Wang Matte Black Rocco

I just have to mention how much I love my shirt. I found it at Painted Bird in the Mission of San Francisco.  If you've followed my thrift posts before, PB is an excellent place to find really unique and well-priced vintage goods.  I wore this shirt to work once, and my co-worker said: "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're shirt looks like something Mrs. Huxtable from the Cosby Show would wear. It's cool!" I couldn't help but laugh at that statement.  I mean, as much as the color palette and pattern may seem "ethnic", if you look up close you can see little painted ducks and horses and repetitive patterns of simple shapes.  I really liked the fit and the pattern and I love adding some quirkiness to my wardrobe with fun shirts like this.

Last Friday, Jeromie and I went with my good friend Weejay (on the right) to a small art show in the Lower Haight.  His old coworker did a series of images featuring iconic cross streets and structures throughout San Francisco.  He combined the process of silk screening with special inks to create these photographic prints that reacted to a black light.  The artist's name is Ryan Vincente.

I've never been to the boutique that held the little gallery showing, called DSTRUCTURE, but they carried a lot of independent labels and their clothing was pretty well-priced.  Up along the wall was a huge installation of street photography printed on canvas in various sizes, all encased by wood stained frames. It was a collaboration between two photographers and it was very impressive.  This part of SF is something that I really appreciate, but never really go out to much. This reminds me that I've definitely been missing out.

The Infamous Rocco

With graduation only a month away (seriously, May 24th is my department commencement!) I picked up my Cap & Gown about two weeks back. I opted to not buy my school's stole in favor of buying fabric to create my own customized one. It's going to look badass to say the least! Thankfully my boo can sew, so I'll be fabric and material shopping later this week :] Also, I have been gradually breaking in my new bag: the one and only Alexander Wang Matte Black Rocco I was referring to lusting after in an earlier post.  I wasn't sure how it was going to look in person (and on me) but with my good friend Fern lookin' out for me, I was finally able to get my hands on it!

It's a little bit bigger than the common mini duffle sized Rocco you come across, so it actually doesn't look too feminine in proportion. It's a really great, quality bag and have been trying to put some mileage on it whenever I get the chance. It is a bit on the heavier side given the rivets; even without loading it with contents.  But, it actually stays pretty comfortable just slung over my shoulder.  It's roomier than I anticipated, which is great for housing my 5D when I'm out and about as well as the random objects I'd rather not stuff into my pockets (wallet, cash, cards, chapstick, car keys, etc).  The pebbled leather is buttery and its shape is finally softening and beginning to bow at the bottom, just the way I'd like it to. Tax return well spent.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sartorial Notes: Jacket - Comune, Button Up - Topman, Tank Top - Topman, Shorts - Topman, Shoes - All Saints, Bracelets - M. Cohen

Lately, I've been dressing pretty "statically" (pardon the pun).  With our rainy weeks to random spurts of sunshine and warmth here in the Bay Area, I try to take any opportunity I can to switch things up.  Here's a look I flipped for a warmer SF night, turning what would be a day outfit to something more for going out to the bars with extra layering. I like the contradiction between shorts and long sleeves and tackling it by having easy going, rolled up sleeves.

With that said, SF is having its warmest weekend in weeks so I'm taking up any opportunity to throw myself out into the city. Last night was spent poolside, downtown, then an art show...I'm thinking today will be the beach!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Follow Me on INSTAGRAM! @ahlecks

If you care to see what I'm up to throughout my day, feel free to follow me! @ahlecks is my username. These are just a few snaps from the past week or so. Semester is winding down and I'm graduating in about 4 weeks! Scared, excited, anxious, and hungry for what's to come next. Hopefully going to do some shoots in the following weeks and also have a few style posts to submit.  Got the black on black Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle from my buddy Fern last week. Love, love, LOVE it. Pics of that soon! Stay tuned!